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I’m a healthy, energetic 58 y/o woman in rural Oregon. My primary medical provider has been a naturopath for about 8 years. Initially I went to her when I was nearing menopause because I wanted a more holistic approach to healthcare and a doctor who would “think out of the box”. Over the years, she has helped me detect and therefore avoid food allergies, reducing my inflammation to levels to almost zero, and manage the symptoms of menopause with prescription bio-identical hormones that I take as a vaginal troche She takes blood tests to monitor my levels and works to get everything into a normal level, or high-normal level if beneficial. She is a meat-eater, so doesn’t 100% agree with my whole food plant-based way of eating, but keeps agreeing that my labs look great. My only health challenge is that I am a “super producer” of LDL in my liver, so even with a fantastic diet and an active lifestyle, I’ve never been able to get my total cholesterol under 200 to meet national guidelines…which she feels aren’t necessarily health-promoting as some cholesterol IS needed in the body…and we have tested me and know that my LDLs are the “fluffy” less damaging kind.

I am completely unwilling to take the experimental gene therapy shot, as since December 2020 I have felt a “check in the spirit” that it is “contamination”. According to the Bible, as a Christian my body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, and disciples of Christ are not to contaminate or defile the temple. I am already suffering the social consequences in terms of not being allowed to visit certain family members and having an employer who plans to require it by this fall. I will be applying for a declination exemption for religious reasons, and if approved, my employee file will clearly state that I am out of compliance with company requirements. Based on my health situation, my ND is not requiring the vaccine at this time, although she does sometimes recommend it for elderly clients. This spring I emailed her to inquire about getting HCQ and ivermectin for early-onset care if I did catch C19, She is familiar with the work of FLCCC and we are working to get me set up to be ready for the Early Outpatient Protocol, if ever needed.

Due to the challenges to physicians, naturopaths and other medical professionals in Oregon, and needing to protect her practice as other professionals are getting in trouble with the state for prescribing and promoting alternative treatments for COVID, she requested that I write an email to her that clearly states that I requested the IVM myself, that she did not counsel or direct me as to the effectiveness of this produce for COVID prevention or treatment, that she did not encourage me or discourage me from receiving this medicals as a treatment for any authorized vaccine, and that she will counsel me on potential side effects. I was happy to write this for my patient files, and I picked up my prescription yesterday.

Interestingly, my Rx is for 40 3 mg tablets, written to take 8 tablets by mouth once a day after a meal for 5 days, with one refill (I had hinted about wanting to have some for my husband). A friend got an online consultation through Medici and her Rx was for 25 3 mg tablets, written to take 5 tablets daily with a fatty meal, with no refill. Her daughter-in-law who is a veterinarian, felt my friend’s Rx was actually a little weak. I looked through the FLCCC Early Outpatient Protocol, and actually feel my Rx is a bit strong, as based on my weight, it looks like it should max out at 23 mg per day rather than 24.

It was interesting when I picked up the prescription at Fred Meyer. The pharmacist who came over to do my consultation looked at the box then me, then said “This is a pretty strong dose.” I didn’t say anything. Then he said “Why are you taking it?” I smiled and said “Parasites….and other pesky critters.” He looked like he wanted to ask me more, so I was ready with my cross necklace and was going to mention something about being a missionary. Smile.

Moro, OR, US

We believe we saved lives today, passing out information about Ivermectin at the Sailors and Soldiers Monument in Cleveland. Many people stopped by our table to look at our pamphlets and to learn about alternatives to (or complementary medication for) vaccines.

Dr Miriam F Weiss M.D., M.A.
Retired Nephrologist, adjunct professor of bioethics
Beachwood, Ohio , US

I survived Covid on my own, but I understand that many need a little help, and ivermectin is that help. To educate the world about ivermectin I wrote a song.

A Tribute to Ivermectin

Ivermectin is a wonderful medicine,

Isolated from the soil of Japan
The avermectin bacterium
Dispatched those worms, every one
For our pets since 1981


River blindness in the sub-Sahara
Elders blind, the children led them around
Ivermectin cured them, and aha!
Approved for humans since ‘87


The world’s first endectocide
Zapping parasites left and right
Safe in mammals of every stripe
Our wonder drug, and let’s recite:

Ivermectin (1/2 chorus)

Its inventors, Campbell and Omura
Blessed by millions for their wonder drug by the Nobel Prize for medicine in 2015
1/2 chorus
“Greatest beneficial impact on the health and well being of humanity” are penicillin, aspirin, and


When Covid raged through India
People dying, needing canned oxygen
Ivermectin given to them all
The Covid wave crushed with medicine


1/2 Chorus
Last 1/2 Bridge
Chorus + tag

Facts from

Alisa Phoenix
Computer Guru & Musician
, Arizona, US

Currently on a the IMASK+ protocal for prevention and have the treatment meds just in case.

, CA, US

I first knew of Ivermectin’s use in COVID treatment with Dr. Rajter’s ICON study that Ivermectin treatment is associated with lower mortality in hospitalized COVID patients. In June 2020 only Ivermectin horse paste are easy to obtain in farm stores, so that was the version I acquired.

In late September of 2020 I had some ominous symptoms resembling COVID: dizziness, headache, fatigue, chills, dry cough, and muscle pain. I took two doses of Ivermectin horse paste with some additional supplements similar to what subsequently published. I got well on day 3, which was surprisingly fast because my earlier experience with serious illness all required at least one week of bed time to recover.

Around October 2020 I heard that Ivermectin could be taken regularly to prevent COVID, so that I and my wife started to take Ivermectin for COVID prevention. My wife had a case of hay fever that she regularly sneezed, but after starting taking Ivermectin regularly her sneezing stopped. I determined that Ivermectin could be used to control hay fevers.

In April 2021 our family took Moderna version of COVID vaccines. Our second jabs occurred in early May. About 4 weeks later I developed chest tightness and severe knee pains. This was a form of Post Vaccine Inflammation Syndrome. I had to use Famotidine and Naproxen to control my pain for up to a month of time.

In May of 2021 my son had some social activity related to his school graduation. I gave him one dose of Ivermectin for COVID prevention. My son also had hay fever, but for 2 weeks after taking that single dose of Ivermectin he did not sneeze.

During this time I noticed whenever I took a dose of Ivermectin my knee pain would be better a few hours later. After reading FLCCC’s I-RECOVER treatment protocol I started a continuous 5 day dosing of Ivermectin. On the fifth day of Ivermectin treatment my knee pain and other inflammation related symptoms went away. Unfortunately symptoms came back upon stopping continuous Ivermectin treatment.

We had experienced no side-effects associated with long term Ivermectin use. I can confirm Ivermectin’s wide treatment dosing range that I have taken Ivermectin up to 5 days straight without problems. I heard from Dr. Haider that Ivermectin could be taken safely daily for even a longer period, although I have not yet done that personally.

In early July I took a 200 mg dose of Hydroxychloroquine to treat my inflammation symptoms. My knee pains stopped after just one hour after taking HCQ. However, I had experienced some HCQ side-effects including tiredness, and temporary immune suppression. I never have to worry about Ivermectin side-effects, but HCQ side-effects need to be carefully considered.

In conclusion I can see very promising Ivermectin applications in the treatment of COVID, hay fever prevention, and treatment of arthritic inflammatory conditions.

Square James
, California, US

I am submitting a chalk drawing my daughter made.

Stacey Skold
Malcolm, NE, US

Que felicidade poder celebrar uma data onde apresentamos e testemunhamos a eficácia e segurança de um medicamento que SALVA vidas.
Tive meu primeiro contato com o medicamento, através da Dra Lucy Kerr. Assisti uma entrevista dela numa canal de noticias médicas no you tube e tudo se tranquilizou na minha vida. Todo o meu medo do Covid, acabou naquele momento.
Eu e minha família passamos a tomar preventivamente a Ivermectina desde abril de 2020. Mãe idosa de 89 anos, esposo e eu pacientes bariátricos e meus filhos de 16 anos e de 10 anos.
Aqui estamos : 1 ano e 3 meses sem pânico, sem medo, sem picadas experimentais e sem o vírus maligno.
agradecemos a esses profissionais incríveis que apesar de toda a perseguição continuam defendendo a VIDA.
Ivermectina Salva VIDAS.
Ivermectina é a chave para o fim da COVID.
Só basta os governantes realmente se importarem com a vida humana e não com suas contas bancarias.
um beijo caloroso e grato, do Brasil!
Debora Rezende

How happy to be able to celebrate a date where we present and witness the effectiveness and safety of a medicine that SAVES lives.
I had my first contact with the drug, through Dr Lucy Kerr. I watched an interview with her on a medical news channel on you tube and everything was calm in my life. All my fear of Covid ended in that moment.
My family and I started taking Ivermectin preventively since April 2020. 89-year-old elderly mother, husband and I with bariatric patients and my 16-year-old and 10-year-old children.
Here we are: 1 year and 3 months no panic, no fear, no experimental bites and no malignant virus.
we thank these amazing professionals who despite all the persecution continue to defend LIFE.
Ivermectin Saves LIVES.
Ivermectin is the key to the end of COVID.
It is only enough for rulers to really care about human life and not about their bank accounts.
a warm and grateful kiss from Brazil!
Debora Rezende
Sra Debora Gonçalves Rezende
Paciente Profilática e Defensora da Ivermectina nas Redes Sociais
Maricá, Rio de Janeiro, BR

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World Ivermectin Day is coming up on July 24th, but we can’t afford to just sit around waiting for it to happen – so let’s start sharing and creating now!

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A brilliant GIF submission from a 10 year old from Australia.

Ivermectin Among Us

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IVM to the rescue!

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COVID is Over

"COVID is Over"

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COVID is Over

"How to Not Die From COVID?"

Did You Know…? There is a drug that is effective, safe, and affordable against Covid-19 whether you are vaccinated or not. The drug is called Ivermectin and it’s been used for over 40 years and is being used by doctors all over the world to successfully treat Covid infections. Ivermectin protects you against all Covid variants. There is an unprecedented level of censorship happening around this drug. Ivermectin could save your life and your loved ones whether you, are on the Right or on the Left or neutral, are vaccinated or unvaccinated, are young or old, are high or low risk.

How to Not Die From COVID?

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