Lessons from Hindsight , The Malaysian Chapter

July 24, 2022
Starts 8 pm
Event ends at 10 pm
(July 24, 2022)
Venue Name: Zoom Webinar with Guests Dr Pierre Kory and Dr Edmund Fordham and Friends

Event Description

Please note: Events are in local time unless otherwise stated.

With Guest speakers Dr Pierre Kory, Dr. Edmund Fordham, Dr Vijaendreh Subramaniam, Prof Dr Mustafa Ali Mood, Dr Manimalar Selvi, Naicker, Dr Amir Farid Isaac and Date Nadzim Johan (Toqqi)

Moderated by Harris Ibrahim and Cat Dr Wong Ang Peng

To Join Zoom, Meeting ID 84201443485, Passcode 926134

Starts 20.00 Local time (GMT+8)

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  1. A kind, compassionate, real doctor saved my life with Ivermectin. When I became extremely ill with COVID I refused to go to the hospital because I knew I would never come home again. If I were to die I will die on my terms. November 2020, I was given HCQ AND Ivermectin (along with all the other items on the protocol) recommended by Dr. Zelenko (may this dear man rest in peace). It was a long battle but I pulled through and I believe it was early treatment that saved me and could have saved millions of others.

  2. Hi- It is a zoom call. To Join Zoom, Meeting ID 84201443485, Passcode 926134
    Based on your time Starts 20.00 Local time (GMT+8)

  3. Looks like Sunday, 7am central USA time, I think. I plugged in the ID and passcode and it says the meeting is scheduled for tomorrow.

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