World Wide Rally for Freedom

Organized by Røde Luer
July 24, 2021
Starts 5 pm
Event ends at 8 pm
(July 24, 2021)
Venue Name: Eidsvoll plass
Address: Eidsvoll plass

Event Description

Please note: Events are in local time unless otherwise stated.

I organized demonstrations in front of Norwegian Parliament every saturday against covid-politics with Røde Luer, where we share alternative Informations and let the People share their experiences and thoughts about the dictatorship that silently har taken the power.

This saturday 24.of juli we simultaniosly celebrate the third WWR for freedom, that occours every two months.

We would be honored to celebrate also the first world- vermectin Day and probably try to get a doctor who has used it for some years here in Norway to come and speak, WHOs name is Peter Dværgsdal. 

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