Ivermectin story submission: Anslem Scoon

I am a 63 year old retired financial advisor from Trinidad and Tobago, I took early retirement at age 49 due to medical complications including diverticulitis, hypertension and angina pectoris. In my retirement I took up rearing hound dogs for sale as a relaxing form of activity I can do at home and earn some extra income.
I noticed the miraculous effects of ivermectin when treating dogs for maggot infested wounds where the vilest stinking wounds swollen obviously infected with bacteria, and with one administration of ivermectin overnight all maggots are dead an swollen inflamed tissue is totally shrunk and all that was required was the removal of dead maggots and irrigation of wound. That’s larvaecticidal , antibacterial and anti-inflammatory action added to the prescribed antihelmitic, antiparasitic action.
Needless to say those wounds would totally heal within two weeks after only one dose of ivermectin and mange would heal as a bonus. I would give ivermectin to wounded mangy stray dogs and see them fully recovered without me being able to capture them to remove dead maggots and flush wounds with water.
After researching ivermectin I came across several articles referring to ivermectin like I thought as a miracle drug and it’s safety and efficacy in treating river blindness.
I became curious as why it was not prescribed for Malaria and sleeping sickness which claims over 10 million lives each year in Africa and South Asia.
To cut a long story short I decided to use ivermectin to treat my diverticulitis where I would have rectal bleeding daily for on occasions as long as two to three months and it worked.


Anslem Scoon
Retired financial advisor
Couva, West indies, TT

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