Ivermectin story submission: Ari K

Back in December 2020 after Dr. Kory’s testimony to the US Senate, I requested ivermectin from my doctor in Arizona, USA. Since I was asymptomatic and just wanted to have it on hand in case of infection, my doctor refused to prescribe it. Fast forward to summer of 2021, when I’m able to get a prescription for prophylaxis via text . . . I feel EXTREMELY GRATEFUL that ivermectin and other supportive supplements are available. I’m also grateful to the courageous doctors who are willing to go against the coercive narrative that vaccination is the ONLY way out of the pandemic. I’m happy to HAVE MEDICAL OPTIONS and to be doing my part to fight the spread of the virus. I’m sharing this knowledge with the wish everyone were aware of and had access to ivermectin.

Ari K
Prescott, Arizona, United States

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