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I’m a healthy, energetic 58 y/o woman in rural Oregon. My primary medical provider has been a naturopath for about 8 years. Initially I went to her when I was nearing menopause because I wanted a more holistic approach to healthcare and a doctor who would “think out of the box”. Over the years, she has helped me detect and therefore avoid food allergies, reducing my inflammation to levels to almost zero, and manage the symptoms of menopause with prescription bio-identical hormones that I take as a vaginal troche She takes blood tests to monitor my levels and works to get everything into a normal level, or high-normal level if beneficial. She is a meat-eater, so doesn’t 100% agree with my whole food plant-based way of eating, but keeps agreeing that my labs look great. My only health challenge is that I am a “super producer” of LDL in my liver, so even with a fantastic diet and an active lifestyle, I’ve never been able to get my total cholesterol under 200 to meet national guidelines…which she feels aren’t necessarily health-promoting as some cholesterol IS needed in the body…and we have tested me and know that my LDLs are the “fluffy” less damaging kind.

I am completely unwilling to take the experimental gene therapy shot, as since December 2020 I have felt a “check in the spirit” that it is “contamination”. According to the Bible, as a Christian my body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, and disciples of Christ are not to contaminate or defile the temple. I am already suffering the social consequences in terms of not being allowed to visit certain family members and having an employer who plans to require it by this fall. I will be applying for a declination exemption for religious reasons, and if approved, my employee file will clearly state that I am out of compliance with company requirements. Based on my health situation, my ND is not requiring the vaccine at this time, although she does sometimes recommend it for elderly clients. This spring I emailed her to inquire about getting HCQ and ivermectin for early-onset care if I did catch C19, She is familiar with the work of FLCCC and we are working to get me set up to be ready for the Early Outpatient Protocol, if ever needed.

Due to the challenges to physicians, naturopaths and other medical professionals in Oregon, and needing to protect her practice as other professionals are getting in trouble with the state for prescribing and promoting alternative treatments for COVID, she requested that I write an email to her that clearly states that I requested the IVM myself, that she did not counsel or direct me as to the effectiveness of this produce for COVID prevention or treatment, that she did not encourage me or discourage me from receiving this medicals as a treatment for any authorized vaccine, and that she will counsel me on potential side effects. I was happy to write this for my patient files, and I picked up my prescription yesterday.

Interestingly, my Rx is for 40 3 mg tablets, written to take 8 tablets by mouth once a day after a meal for 5 days, with one refill (I had hinted about wanting to have some for my husband). A friend got an online consultation through Medici and her Rx was for 25 3 mg tablets, written to take 5 tablets daily with a fatty meal, with no refill. Her daughter-in-law who is a veterinarian, felt my friend’s Rx was actually a little weak. I looked through the FLCCC Early Outpatient Protocol, and actually feel my Rx is a bit strong, as based on my weight, it looks like it should max out at 23 mg per day rather than 24.

It was interesting when I picked up the prescription at Fred Meyer. The pharmacist who came over to do my consultation looked at the box then me, then said “This is a pretty strong dose.” I didn’t say anything. Then he said “Why are you taking it?” I smiled and said “Parasites….and other pesky critters.” He looked like he wanted to ask me more, so I was ready with my cross necklace and was going to mention something about being a missionary. Smile.

Moro, OR, US

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  1. I hear you! My daughter was prescribed HCQ for many of the symptoms vaccine victims are experiencing but it was for a series of rabies shots she had to take. What a hassle for CVS to fill it – and when she picked it up the pharmacist told her not to take it, that it was dangerous – meanwhile, how many millions of people are there taking it for rheumatoid arthritis. After what happened to my daughter with had to take because of a bat exposure – there was no way I was taking this shot – same for her. The people that will end this pandemic, if it is one, will be people like us, who use therapeutics and gain a natural immunity – funny how we didn’t vaccinate for SARS and it went away…..Glad to see the many good people here who feel the way I do. It’s good to know I’m not alone.

  2. I missed getting to watch this but I’m somewhat informed. I first heard about the amazing success with Ivermectin many months ago – and I was quite impressed with the results. Then I read of the the 92 year old Japanese doctor who discovered Ivermectin in the 70’s and who eventually won the Nobel Prize for doing so who said he thought it would be the solution to the Covid-19. I have also read that 12 people have all made between 1 billion and 4.1 billion dollars from this vaccine and since the Covid-19 has been patented overseas for a couple of years now we know it has been tinkered with because you can’t patent something natural and no one is making anything more than pocket change off of Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin as they have been around for decades and are out of patent. I was curious if anyone mentioned the 11,000 according to a recent VAERS report who have died from getting these very profitable vaccines. The Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System has been around for 30 years but until recently most doctors didn’t even know about it but it’s voluntary and was designed to pick up on medicines that might be harmful (in 1976 the Swine Flu Vaccine was given to about 45 million and because a mere 56 or so people died it was pulled off the market but vaccines back then could hardly make one a millionaire much less a billionaire. I take 5,000 IU of Vitamin D3 (without GMO corn or soy oil), 50 mg of a good zinc, 450 mg of magnesium citrate of which 78% of Americans are deficient in, and 300 diseases can be instigated by lack of, about 500 mcg of Icelandic kelp and 96% of Americans don’t get enough iodine – and 10 mg of natural astaxanthin that I have been taking for 15 yrs. I also use turmeric every day as they do in India where they are not even in the top 150th in Alzheimer’s and we are #2. I buy all of these things for 15 years from a company called Vitacost. I don’t even take aspirin. And all I can think so say more is “Thank you” to the one who created us all and seems to have inspired me to learn what I have. Why are we only 4.2 percent of the people on earth yet have almost 15% of the deaths from this virus. We give more vaccines than anyone other nation on earth, twice as many. Curious, very curious!

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