Ivermectin story submission: Cynthia Fernandez

My sister came down with covid in the summer of 2020 and is in her 30’s with no co-morbidities. I was in contact with her daily and was her partner that made sure she had everything she needed during her quarantine period. She was handling it very well until about her 9th day. She began to get short of breath and have chest tightness. Hospitals weren’t doing much for patients other than waiting for the need to vent them and we didn’t want to wait for that. We had heard about treatment protocols but had been leery to use them because of the negativity that had been in the media. When she began having this shortness of breath I knew action was needed or things would become much worse. She used a tele-health service for a doctor that treated with Ivermectin an other medicines as part of a protocol. The very next day she was feeling better. She continued to get better, never needed steroid treatment, never had to be hospitalized and has recovered without any long covid issues.

When my fiance’s mother and father came down with Covid in February 2021 there was no question in my mind that everything I could do to help them would be considered. His parents had co-morbidities such as hypertension, and pre diabetes and are in their 70’s so their symptoms were pretty rough on them. In reviewing my sisters experience and the work of the FLCCC, I had his parents get in touch with some of the partnered doctors.They were able to get a licensed physician to get them a treatment protocol that included Ivermectin. Neither of them developed pneumonia or needed any steroid treatment, neither of them went to the hospital, and most importantly, they’re alive today without any organ damage or long covid.

How do you thank someone for saving your loved ones lives? I am forever grateful to these doctors for helping me and my family. It breaks my heart and it is immoral that patients are dying needlessly in many cases due to lack of early treatment. Thank you to all the physicians and other healthcare workers trying to fight for lives every day even after all the hate, ridicule and threats against your livelihood. I don’t know anyone who would risk all of this if not for the greater good and proven results. I only have one word to describe you all and that’s HEROES . I hope things will change to allow all patients to have access to this potentially live saving treatment. God bless you all!

Cynthia Fernandez
Glendale, Arizona, US

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