Ivermectin story submission: Dave P Ramsdell

I saw Dr. Kory’s testimony in front of the Senate on December 8, 2020 and became a believer of Ivermectin. Up until then I had seen news on it but was skeptical. I decided in March 2021 to go to myfreedoctor.com to get a prescription. I was aware of the I-MASK+ protocol. I was already using Quercetin, Zinc and Vitamin D, but felt this would add the ultimate level of protection from Covid-19. We are holding off on vaccination since there are no long term data on the possible side effects, and my wife was still breastfeeding our 1 year old so she was holding off for that reason as well. Fast forward to early May 2021, my 14 year old contracted Covid-19 from her middle school. She tested positive day 4 after developing symptoms. My wife and I tested on day 6. Wife was positive, not using Ivermectin as she was still breastfeeding, I tested negative. Tested again Day 13, wife tested positive, I tested negative. Our 1 year old was mildly sick for a week. We presumed she had Covid-19 as well but she was never tested. My wife and 14 year old and our one year old all had mild cases. Recently, I decided to get an antibody test as I wondered if I could have had two false negatives during the time we quarantined. Negative for antibodies as well. I did not take any precautions in our home while everyone had Covid-19. No isolation of anyone, no extra precautions or masks in the house. Hard to isolate with a one year old. Ivermectin worked for me up close and personal with this dreaded disease.

Dave (from Wisconsin)

Dave P Ramsdell
, WI, US

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