Ivermectin story submission: Dinah Franklin RN

I am so very grateful for all those who have contributed to this day of celebration. Grateful to the scientists that discovered this incredibly valuable drug. To the many physicians globally that with limited resources did the clinical trials to prove the efficacy of Ivermectin, often at the expense of their own valuable time and money. To the physicians that have proven its efficacy in treating patients, for being clinicians and using Ivermectin as part of their treatment protocols to shorten illness, keep patients out of hospital and to save lives. For giving prophylaxis to those at risk and the contacts of someone who has Covid. Extremely grateful to the scientists and physicians who have stood up and stood out in the face of terrible censorship and personal attacks. For those who have spent time educating the public and other physicians about this incredibly wonderful medication. For the experts that have done analysis of the trials and brought forth absolute evidence of this wonderful drug (Dr Tess Lawrie, Dr Pierre Kory, and many others) For holding the conference and summit with excellent speakers. To those who have hosted these experts on their shows to inform and educate others. To the statisticians that have shown how Ivermectin has been used with success in many countries and areas globally. To Juan Chamie for his excellent statistics and I love your graphs!! Thank you to everyone who has made this celebration possible and getting the word out to the world that this pandemic can be brought under control and there is no need to fear this virus.

Dinah Franklin RN
Retired nurse
Nanaimo, BC, CA

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