Ivermectin story submission: Don Findlay

I’m sending another Ivermectin cloud poster that I will be using at my event in Kingston Ontario

Don Findlay
Retired Senior Citizen
Kingston, Ontario, CA

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  1. I’ve watched and read all sorts of information for the past few months and today on how great Ivermectin is.
    How do people who want to buy Ivermectin (for humans!) get their hands on it in this lifetime when their primary care giver (Family Doctor) refuses to give them a prescription for it? Aren’t walk-in Ivermectin clinics needed for anyone who wants it, just like they have for the unproven lab-rat covid vaccine?
    Isn’t the denial of an Ivermectin prescription to the elderly a form of doctor-assisted geronticide?
    Don’t we need more doctors with courage to put Ivermectin in our medicine cabinets?
    Retired Senior Citizen, Hamilton Ontario, CA

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