Ivermectin story submission: Dr Ellapen Venketsami RAPITI MBA

Good day, the following is a poem I wrote about Ivermectin. I have used the drug very successfully for on over 400 patients. I have treated over 100 pneumonias. Less than 2% went to hospital. I treated people at home with oxygen levels as low as 65% and got them better using Ivermectin as part of my therapeutic intervention. I hope you like it.

Incredible miraculous Ivy

Incredible IVY,
Has been serving humanity forty years and more.

When all its old cousins,
were thrown into oblivious dustbins,
Invincible IVY, stood its ground,
As new uses for it, were found,

When the the enemy from Wuhuan
Mercilessly attacked the world,
IVYs prowess was quickly unfurled.

After saving human and animal kind
from blindness,death and debilitating disease,
With power and gentle ease,
it won its maker,
A true scientist, and not a faker,
An accolade that will never fade,
Because, incredible IVY,
has once more, dashed to
Humankind’s aid,
like the faithful, house maid,
To re-emerge as the invincible fighter, amidst its powerful and jealous back-biters.

It went into our bodies,
And destroyed the enemy
To prove to the world,
it can save us from this
deadly crises,
At the lowest prices.

If the enemy in our bodies went too far,
By turning our antibodies
Into rascal children, destroying itself,
And starving itself of air,
Incredible IVY did not spare.

It stopped the rascal antibodies,
from relentlessly multiplying,
And like a miraculous Houdini,
Brought much needed air again,
To the lungs of rich and poor,
in the most remote parts of our lands,
Whether you lived in the city or far away Namib sands.

As it brought back the near dead,
To life again,
Versatile IVY never stopped;
It tracked the enemy in the vast network of our blood vessels,
And stopped the evil enemy from blocking supply to our vital
With that gentle smirk on its face,
It told the vanquished Huan enemy,
You have got no place
on the human race
because,”I got you again”.

Folks, that didn’t know IVY,
ended up in  bed, half dead,
forgetful,confused, immobile
and permanently docile.
Humble and reassuring IVY
visited them weekly,
And in no time,
masterful IVY, miracoulessly
Returned them to their old selves again.

It didn’t take long,
To bring back laughter and song
That was so, so long gone.

But in its tryst to save humankind,
From a crisis of the worst kind,
Its name and image was ruthlessly tarnished and torn,
Its succeses were fastidiously hidden,
Through the ugly machinations
Of the rich, malicious and avaricious,
who shamelessly prosper on the pain of human suffering.

So, powerful, humble and safe
IVY, could not reach all its suffering
Children again.

Big organisations, big drug houses,
Judas’s in the medical fraternity,
Governments and media houses,
Turned their backs on life saving IVY,
Ridiculing it as a fake,
Like the useless oil of snake.

Fortunately for the miraculous IVY,
Its growing band of admiring survivors,
Broke through the barriers of censorship,
And exposed the evils of the untested snake oil,
That was unleashed in millions of vials;

The clots this oil was forming
And bodies it was deforming,
Made it clear,
This oil, we needn’t fear,
When IVY is so ready and near.

No matter how much the creators tried to protect
and promote their evil creation,
The evidence of its incurable harming,
Was growingly, alarming,

IVY was forced to take a back seat,
And watch helpless victims pay heavy prices,
Looking for oxygen and fancy useless devices,
That was really no match for good
old miracouless IVY,

Because, you see, IVY alone,
Has, time and time again, shown,
It can do it, all on its own.

Whether you live in fancy New York
or poor Zimbabwe,
Humble IVY is ready,
Like a faithful teddy,
To save humanity from the Huan enemy,
And merciless people that are trying their best,
To put IVY to  an untimely rest,
Through misinformation,
Heavy evil marketing
and not so sublime, coercion.

The truth is, if IVY could speak,
It will tell you into  how many
detractors’ bodies, it has sneaked .

Yes, the time is ripe for good old IVY
to take centre stage,
and rescue the world from
Falling totally apart,
And the people that are not so smart,
And win its creator a second well deserved Medal of honour,
To be embossed in everyone’s soul.

The world, to humble, versatile harmless and powerful IVY,
must open its doors,
And give it the biggest round of applause, without a pause

Take a bow IVY, as we salute you on bended knees for serving us for so long,
And saving the world from itself.

Cape Town
1st of May, 2021
My thoughts on the crisis

Dr Ellapen Venketsami RAPITI MBA
Family Physician
CAPE TOWN, Western Cape, ZA

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