Ivermectin story submission: Dr Lani Yap

I am medically trained but non practicing doctor who caught covid in Feb of this year and live in Jakarta Indonesia. I had done research when I caught covid and decided to take Ivermectin based on results of trials in Bangladesh and India. At that time I also had seen Dr Kory testifying at the Senate hearing on you tube. Based on this I took Ivermectin for 5 days and my symptoms were very light and I recovered with no complications. Since then I have followed closely developments on Ivermectin and the FLCCC as well as the Bird group. I also watch Dr Been’s videos and listen to his interviews with various doctors and their experiences with treating covid patients.
Now Indonesia is having a huge spike with many new cases and many deaths, just like India. Harsen Laboratories a local pharmaceutical producer acted quickly and ramped up production and distributed Ivermectin. I played my part in disseminating information and IVM to people who needed it, and hoped that our government would act swiflty to mass distribute IVM. Unfortunately Harsen Laboratories and the government have been caught up in politics and opposing voices against IVM is strong. Harsen Laboratories has since been sanctioned by the BPOM (Indonesian FDA) and was forced to stop production. IVM is no longer available now in Indonesia. BPOM and the Indonesian doctors association continue to ignore completely the 2 meta trials that have recently been published to prove IVM works, citing the WHO and FDA stand. I am dismayed and saddened that lives continue to be lost because of politics. Half an hour ago I was sent a you tube link of Dr Kory’s presentation to Kuala Lumpur today but unfortunately that link has been censored and taken down by YouTube. Countries like Indonesia that have low access to vaccines NEED Ivermectin. As Dr Joseph Varon says, IT BUYS US TIME UNTIL MORE CAN BE VACCINATED. The fight continues…
Thank you to all the brave doctors and scientists who continue to fight for this drug to save lives.

Dr Lani Yap
Jakarta, DKI Jakarta, ID

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  1. Hi Dr. Lani Yap,

    I’m so sorry that is happening in your country also. It’s happening to the world in a concerted effort, making vaccines less wanted because of the lack of transparency and the trust we no longer have with these institutions governing our health, based on profit, rather than results.

    Please let me know if this video of amazing Dr. Kory will play there for you. If not, I’ll find one that will (I pray, depending on the censorship in your country, which is also in force here…):

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