Ivermectin story submission: Dr. Larissa Patriota Cezar Valassi

My name is Larissa Patriota Cezar Valassi CRM SP 102476, I’m Cardilogist and since the beggining of this pandemic I started using Ivermectin to treat my patients and use it myself, prophylactically , in a single dose, according to the weight, every 15 days. As I studied and could see many lives, articles and reports of the greatest scientists of the world, including the Brazilian ones, such as Doctors Nise Yamaguchi, Lucy Kerr, Roberto Zeballos, Paolo Zanotto, Anthony Wong(in memorian), Ricardo Zimmerman, Priscila Rabelo, Roberta Lacerda, among others, and based in my little experience, I afford Ivermectin for prophylatic use, for treatment and for post covid syndrome with great results.

Dr. Larissa Patriota Cezar Valassi
São Paulo, SP, Brazil

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