Ivermectin story submission: Dr Mary Gilberta St Rose

The story of the use and advocacy of ivermectin and the suspension of my license.

I have been reinstated in my practice. WE are presently pursuing a claim for unfair suspension and loss of custom

Importation of ivermectin has been prevented for both Saint Lucia and UK

Dr Mary Gilberta St Rose
Integrative health practitioner
Gros Islet, LC 401, LC

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  1. Dear Dr. St. Rose,

    I applaud you for your courage to do the right thing for your patients and I want to give you something legal, with which you can arm yourself in your claim for compensation for your unfair suspension.
    You can find as part of the Helsinki Accords, to which I suspect the U.K. is a signatory nation, a section written by the WMA regarding the ethical treatment of study participants which particularly pertains to your situation. It is section 37 and I will quote part of it to you here.
    “In the treatment of an individual patient, where proven interventions do not exist or other known interventions have been ineffective, the physician, after seeking expert advice, with informed consent from the patient or a legally authorized representative, may use an unproven intervention if in the physician’s judgement it offers hope of saving life, re-establishing health or alleviating suffering.”
    Best Regards,

    Laurence Behney, M.D.

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