Ivermectin story submission: Dr. Susan Rohr DO, FCCP

I have been using EVMS/FLCCC protocols since COVID arrived in South Dakota. My fear lifted knowing there was something I could do to protect myself, my family, my patients, and treat them if they contracted COVID. The relief patients felt to know there was a treatment option was palpable. Their fear lifted. No one we treated early died. No one. One was hospitalized and fully recovered with more aggressive therapy. Many ICU patients whom otherwise would have suffered certain death turned around with MATH + protocol. Watching Dr Kory’s passionate testimony rang true in the ICU. It was difficult to get patients late in the disease and not be able to turn them around, even with “The Full Monty” as Dr. Marik put it. We spread the word as much as we could to our communities through word of mouth to facilitate prevention and early treatment. Our clinic nurse was a true Rona Warrior and made treating outpatients and saving lives her mission. Thanks to everyone in FLCCC for all your tireless work during the past 18 months. Your making a difference!! Stay strong!! Never stop! #ivermectinworks #takeyourvitamins

Dr. Susan Rohr DO, FCCP
Pulmonary Intensivist, Mom, wife, Rona Warrior
Sioux Falls , South Dakota, US

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