Ivermectin story submission: Jon L.

After spending 2020 in a state of confusion about the Covid-19 pandemic and the apparent lack of available treatments I was losing hope. The vaccine roll out brought more variables to the table as my wife and I struggled to understand these new therapies. Somewhere along the line we stumbled upon a video interview with Geert Vanden Boosch that changed everything. In it he outlined the dangers of mass vaccination in the midst of a pandemic and the potential harm to one’s natural immunity that could come from using this one-dimensional new “vaccine” approach. It finally made sense! More importantly it made me realize that there were dissenting, intelligent voices out there that could help us avoid the wild virus, but moreover, limit the potential harm from the so-called “vaccines”. This journey inevitably led us to discover the wonders of Ivermectin.

After educating ourselves about the merits of Ivermectin as a prophylaxis (and the use of supporting nutritional supplements) we contacted a telemed provider listed on the FLCCC’s website and ordered the drug. Within 10 days we had our supply. We have begun to live our lives again with the knowledge that we no longer rely on the contradictory statements of national health officials and the fear mongering they perpetrate to advance this harmful “vaccine” agenda. Our peace of mind comes from knowing that we are more protected than any of our friends and family that decided to take the jabs.

We have been been blessed to discover this exciting preventive therapy and want the world to know that annual booster shots and the constant drumbeat of “the next variant” should no longer dominate our thoughts. We are back in control of our minds and bodies thanks to this inexpensive wonder drug.

Jon L.
Health Insurance Broker
Alpharetta, GA, US

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