Ivermectin story submission: Joseph Ledesma

I started Covid 19 symptoms since March 2020. I had my PCR test on April 2020 and was negative. 2020 up to this year 2021 I have this super weird symptoms I have not felt in all my years and years of my life. Symptoms like swelling inflammation internally, fatigue, clogged nose, chest heaviness. 2020 October my fatigue and heart felt so weak I felt like I was dying. I consulted with different doctors specialist and none were sure what or why I have these symptoms. November I searched the internet and found foods to control inflammation but the symptoms has never been cured or stopped, which I found Long Covid is what it is called. In beginning of 2021 I heard about Ivermectin in videos. March 2021 is when I found social media post about a doctor here in the Philippines that medicates his patients with Ivermectin. Coincidentally March this local doctor was censured by health authorities even if he has tried and had been waiting for his legal application for distributing Covid19 medication. Luckily a congressman who was infected by Covid19 found and took Ivermectin, and has started defending the use and why we are now able to get to take Ivermectin. I now slowly benefit taking Ivermectin whenever I feel the symptoms. I feel better than how I felt since 2020. Recently my wife felt Covid19 symptoms and we came to know how effective it is of how to cure the symptoms. I may have been infected from her symptoms, maybe my 3rd Covid19 infection and used Ivermectin then removed the serious chest heaviness. It has been safe since we started taking Ivermectin and as we testify its efficacy, how great we have this resource that is available as a cure. I imagine how dangerous it is without Ivermectin during this pandemic. I feel everyone that can take it will stop the spread of this dangerous illness and make the whole world’s life to almost normal again.

Joseph Ledesma
Metro Manila, Philippines

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