Ivermectin story submission: July Mazo

I had a lot of doubts about getting one of those vaccines. I would get it because of my laziness, I did not want to think about more problems. Also, I wanted to trust that World was not insane.

Luckily, one doctor told me about a speech in the US parlament about some drug that could be used instead of the vaccines. Also, he explained me the danger of new-made vaccines with few data supporting them. He was so mad that people were dying. Even after that I had doubts and I still thought about getting the vaccination.

Yet I was curious about the senate doctor speech, I found the video of Dr Pierre Kory and I just could not believe he was silenced! When they banned a Nobel prize on YouTube I lost my need to believe that the World was not insane. It is so unbelievably insane. And those who are censoring the Nobel prize scientists and amazing doctors (not being even close to there level) are completely mad.

My husband has been taking Ivermectin since May 2021 (for 3 months) as a prevention. Of course it was a medical recommendation. He feels absolutely well, no side effects. He took some toxic medicine before, so we both can see the difference.

I do not have any personal Covid story, my husband never got it. I only can say about the lack of toxicity in long term preventive treatment with Ivermectin.

I hope my thoughts and experience can help.

July Mazo
Spouse of patient of person using for COVID-19 prevention
Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain

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