Ivermectin story submission: Karl Wlasenko

After viewing and reading information from Dr. Kory and other qualified doctors I attempted to get Ivermectin from my family doctor as an alternative to the unproven covid shots. He flatly dismissed Ivermectin use as a preventive measure as pure nonsense. Afterwards, I obtained information and liability exemption forms from the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance site and faxed this information to him. This doctor still continues to treat my prophylactic request for Ivermectin as a plea from a kooky senile 71 year old man who does not know what he is talking about.
After that, I phoned another doctor in Toronto who did a pro Ivermectin clip on line.
I was informed that he was was not accepting new patients and would not prescribe Ivermectin over the phone.

What ever happened to the right of a patient to informed choice?
A good friend of mine chose the covid shots. He died of blood clots to the brain after two weeks in a coma. He was written off as having died of “underlying causes”.

Clearly, walk-in Ivermectin clinics are needed for anyone who wants it, just like they have for the unproven lab rat covid vaccine clinics. Who can do that? Can you? Can CCA?

Karl Wlasenko
Retired Toolmaker
Hamilton, Ontario, CA

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  1. ivermectin can be purchased over the counter at feed stores (like Tractor Supply) as an equine de-wormer. It’s very inexpensive .

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