Ivermectin story submission: Maria Knight

I have been waiting for the world to wake up to Ivermectin. I have been following its story for the last 12 months or so and have been in ongoing disbelief that its prophylactic use and treatment for covid has been ignored by government and censored by social media and news.
For me personally, following the uk lockdown and the news of the marvellous vaccine during moving home and various pressures in my life rendering me a little fragile I felt that my immune system was not working at its best. I had concerns about the lack of safety data and its EUA. Consequently, I did not go for the vaccine when prompted. Instead started on my path of research gleaning as much information as possible about the vaccine and how it worked in the body. I have to also say that I have always been very careful about what I put into my body. The thing that drew me in was the lack of aspiration of the jab and one thing led to another thing to another thing that concerned me about receiving it.
What was coming to light was the blood clotting adverse events along with a serious building concern about future immune function. I am 58 years old and have retired from work in the last year. I bumped into Tess Lawrie’s meta-analysis about Ivermectin and knew this was the answer for me and billions of others around the world. With 40 years plus safety data behind it, I decided to have it in my medicine cabinet and purchased it through the FLCC and downloaded the protocol.
I am 1000% behind its use for the prevention and treatment of covid19 and have looked at all the recent trials. I believe that between the vaccine’s / people who have had covid and have natural immunity / and Ivermectin we can reach a composite herd immunity and drive this virus to extinction (I am quoting the words of Bret Weinstein – thank you Bret and Heather) Thank you Tess Lawrie (UK) and Pierre Corrie (USA) for all your hard work.

Maria Knight
Recently Early Retired Yoga Teacher
Tynemouth, North Tyneside, UK

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