Ivermectin story submission: Michael Rinaldi

I found the FLCCC back in January 2021. At the time I was searching for information on supplements that could help with COVID. After reading and watching everything on that website I became engrossed in the invermectin story. I then followed the bird group, trial site news, dr Been etc. What an eye opening experience this was to see how people in power are purposely ignoring this information all in the name of power and greed. So I made my preparations for my family. I obtained ivermectin prescriptions for me, my wife, daughter and son. I also had all of the recommended early out patient protocols in my house. And then the time came. Early June 2021 my son tested positive. He took two doses and recovered in a few days. Everyone else in my house followed the exposure protocols. Despite that about a week after my son tested positive I tested positive. I’m 49 years old. I had symptoms and I started my 5 day course of ivermectin. I can say that the invermectin kept everything mild for me and I fully recovered quickly. My daughter and wife never tested positive. I firmly believe that the FLCCC help prepare me and my family for this situation and that Ivermectin was the key that helped keep us safe. Thank you all so much for continuing this fight to get this treatment to everyone. You are all amazing.

Michael Rinaldi
, NJ, US

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