Ivermectin story submission: Mr. Al Clem

I’m Al Clem and I live in Mexico. My wife and I – both around 60 y/o – are resident aliens here. We decided early on that we wouldn’t be experimental subjects for the unproven medical experiments but initially didn’t know enough about alternative prophylactic options to be helpful. I began to hear and read about ivermectin, then the Darkhorse podcast with Robert Malone cemented my attention. From there, I found the I-MASK+ and IMASS protocols. Where we live, I can buy ivermectin OTC with no problem and have found it for as little as about $1usd per 6mg pill.

We are already taking a daily dose of the recommended supplements. We need to start our protocol soon, but I’ve decided to take our first dose on July 24, World Ivermectin Day – honoring the many who have put there careers – perhaps even their lives – on the line to let us know the truth!

We are grateful for the medical and media professionals who risk the ire of the corrupt mega-pharma industry and big media to speak truth and give hope to people.

Mr. Al Clem
Sonora, Mexico

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