Ivermectin story submission: Mr. C Kok

I am a 61 year old male, in good health and regularly take extra vitamins and natural health supplemental products. I had a sudden onset of breathing difficulties and headaches without any other symptoms related to Covid. My BP fluctuated, my heart felt as if it was fluttering and O2 saturation varied between 90-98. PCR testing was negative, but I visited the GP and Cardiologist anyways, to determine the cause. Chest x-rays showed no abnormalities and cardiologist confirmed with ultrasonic analyses all to be normal. The diagnosis was ascribed to a possible viral infection. 2 types of inhalers (Cortizone) were prescribed.

I immediately started self treatment with Ivermectin according to protocol (Dr Jackie Stone – Zimbabwe and Dr George Coetzee -RSA) and prophylactical treatment for my wife, who is frail with FSHD as well as my 2 daughters.

I recovered, but took a while to completely get over the shortness of breath (4-5 weeks). I returned to normal health and regular exercising. We both are still using IVM 1x week (12mg) together with Vit C, D, NAC, Magnesium, Selenium, Omega3, Quercetin and lots of fresh fruit and veg. My daughters are also using it as prophylactic, together with the vitamins and supplements.

My brother (67), diabetic and with other co-morbidities and his wife, both contracted Covid 19. Their GP wouldn’t prescribe IVM and advised them to go a Veterinarian for treatment. I provided them with details of another GP who treats Covid patients according to FLCCC protocol. They both survived and recovered in a short period of time. They are still being monitored by the treating GP, but they returned no normal health and activities. This GP already successfully treated more than 2000 Covid 19 infected patients, even with other co-morbidities with IVM and FLCCC protocol.

I do not understand the resistance of the Medical fraternity towards the use of alternative medicine and the outright condemnation of any person or doctor who dares to mention or use Ivermectin for treatment, or ask questions about the Vaccines.

The absolute refusal by Governments, Health Institutions and the Scientific world, to recognize the studies and trials as well as the positive outcomes of the use of Ivermectin, underlines the degree of Politicizing of the masses that is taking place.

CK – South Africa

Mr. C Kok
Centurion, Gauteng, ZA

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