Ivermectin story submission: Mr. Flavio de Oliveira Pinheiro

I’ve been making use of Ivermectin since I first watched a video from Doc. Lucy Kerr, in may/2020. At that time, people here in Brazil were very confused, without knowing what to do facing Covid-19 pandemy. I’ve learned the Ivermectin preventive protocol by watching this Youtube interview of Doc. Lucy Kerr. I’ve never known her before, but she was the only reliable person at that moment who brought good news, and I realy believed in her research.
Since then, I and my family have made use of Ivermectin preventive protocol. And, just to know, I’ve been healthier since I began with it. I’ve given up with my allergy, my immunity has been in a high level… in other words, I’ve found out that Ivermectin really works, much bether than the other “products”; and I and my familly really don’t want to taste them.
I’ve seen that Ivermectin isn’t financialy interesting to the Big Labs, Big Techs and “others” Bigs… That’s it.
Thanks for the opportunity. Lets save the World!!!
Flavio Pinheiro

Mr. Flavio de Oliveira Pinheiro
Mr. Flavio de Oliveira Pinheiro
Assessor Técnico/ Coordenador de Licenciamento Ambiental na Eletrobras Furnas
Niterói, Rio de Janeiro, BR

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