Ivermectin story submission: Mr. Jay Nair

I learnt about Ivermectin around 6 months ago around the time I was skeptical and cautious about a brand new vaccine technology with unknow long term safety. Most of what I know about Ivermectin is through FLCCC, Bird and TrialSite. I’m extremely grateful to these group of brave beings. Based on the data I have seen, I have no doubt in Ivermectin’s efficacy or worry about its safety. What I’m really concerned is how governments and regulators are not representing us the public but other financial interests. I really hope that the story of Ivermectin will be revealed to all and system of medicine will work towards benefiting of humanity. So I created these flyers to inform all those who are unaware of the existence of Ivermectin. I’ll do my best to spread this life saving information.

Mr. Jay Nair
Engineering Consultant
Vancouver, WA, US

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