Ivermectin story submission: Mr. Loren Bordeaux

After spring break my son, a Junior in high-school, tested positive for COVID-19 (along with all his close friends) thanks to one or more of his friends. Initially he didn’t have any symptoms, then two days after testing positive woke up with a “weird sore throat and slight congestion.”

Having heard Dr. P. Kory present to US Senate sub-committee in December 2020 and doing research on Ivermectin, I (56) contacted myfreedoctor.com and was prescribed a prophylactic dose of Ivermectin and my son a five day prescription. My wife (50) was able to get a dose a day after she started having same weird, slight sore throat and headache.

We all had very similar symptomology:

Started with weird, slight sore throat and slight sinus/nasal congestion. Progressed to include tight feeling trachea and lump feeling at top of trachea/deep back of throat, entire neck ached about days 2-4, slight temperature day 2 or 3 of beginning of symptoms (me 99 – 99.8F, son one day of 100.4F, my wife similar low grade but don’t recall her numbers). We all watched our O2 levels about every two woken hours for several days, my O2 went from 99/98 to 93/94, my wife’s and son’s went down but only to about 95.

I had started on a prophylactic dosing but transitioned to taking the remaining doses daily once I had symptoms. After 24 hrs of my son taking Ivermectin his temperature went back to almost normal and by the end of second day temp was normal, similar experience for my wife and I. We all walked 2-3+ miles each day, drank lots of water, took Aspirin, vitamin A, C, D and Zinc daily, tried to get good rest. Thankfully, for each of us the experience was nearly identical at first.

We all had about two nights of rather sleepless nights about days 3-4. I’d wake up every 2.5 hours and take a good 30 minutes to get back to sleep – very a-typical. My son slept much of one day, my wife and I felt low in energy for a couple days.

Unfortunately, about a 7-10 days after fully feeling back to normal the tight trachea feeling came back (but no lump feeling in back of throat or other symptoms), with slight drop in O2 level. Contacted myfreedoctor.com again and was prescribed four different meds; another five day course of Ivermectin, an anti-biotic, a pill steroid and inhaled steroid. After taking meds for two days the remaining symptoms were gone and have not returned after completing dosages.

I had my vitamin D levels tested about 1.5 months before getting covid, it was 58ng/ml. I had been taking 5K UI of vit. D almost daily since June 2020.

All-in-all, thankfully, we had mild symptoms and are back to normal like life. Many Thank you’s to good doctors, Ivermectin and other over the counter health aids.

Mr. Loren Bordeaux
IT Director
Vancouver, WA, US

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