Ivermectin story submission: Mr Miguel Angel Bedoya

Hello I’m Miguel Angel and I totally support the use of IVM because I have personally seen the outstanding and positive results in over 30 persons I have treated at work….none had to go to the hospital and were ok in the first 5 days during the replication phase. Among these people there were diabetics. I have treated them Following FLCCC treatment protocols. This is a miracle drug. I really appreciate the work done by FLCCC with Dr Marik, Dr Kory and the rest of physicians.I have been exposed to the virus several times now,but I think I haven’t been infected due to the supplements I have been taking over 14 month now…..daily I take 4000 iu D3…..40 mgs zinc…..1000 mgs C….650 mgs Quercetin and 400 mgs magnesium……but I have the IVM ready in my drawer just in case…..first symptoms will take according to FLCCC.NET…🙏🙏👏

Mr Miguel Angel Bedoya
Hospital UCI door manufacturer
Medellín , Antioquia , CO

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