Ivermectin story submission: Mr. Neville Ross Sealy Ivermectin Angel

Since Tom Barrody went public from Melbourne that Ivermectin worked for the Virus I willingly got sucked in… At the expense of many friends & family distancing themselves from me once they chose the Vaccine route. (But in at least 8 cases before they had access to the Vaccine, managed to save them from certain death once they were found positive) To add to my “mix” I have been jailed by Face Book 7 times including 3 30 day stints & consider every one a badge of honour!
Would I do it again you may ask – Unquestionably Yes! Yes!! YES!!!

Mr. Neville Ross Sealy Ivermectin Angel
Sole Proprietor (Retired)
Pretoria, Gauteng, ZA

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