Ivermectin story submission: Mr. Paul Fletcher Murray

I’m not anti vaccine. I’m interested in prevention. My wife and I chose Ivermectin and the vitamin regimen recommended on the flccc.net website. The pandemic needs to be fought with every tool we have. Ivermectin has proven to be not only a preventative against Covid 19 and it’s variants, but is also reduced downstream biological damage if you DO get Covid 19. There is MASSIVE suppression of Ivermectin’s success, coordinated by Big Tech and Big Media and our political representatives and the people they appoint to watch over the health of our planet. To not implement Ivermectin in third world countries immediately is the crime of the century. They can’t afford the vaccines and Ivermectin is inexpensive, safe and effective. To be silent about Ivermectin’s efficacy and watch thousands die is a crime. Silence is death. Silence about Ivermectin is death for thousands who are getting the vaccines. This is criminal. There is no excuse to not let them have Ivermectin when they can’t get the vaccines because they can’t afford them or because the “powers that be” have decided to block Ivermectin’s use. And for those who can get vaccinated, Ivermectin can protect against variants that are now mutating. If we don’t start NOW, Ivermectin and its variants will become a part of our lives. The inaction of health officials is insuring the mutations of CoVid, and threatening their own health as well as our own. Push back and get Ivermectin in distribution. Thousands of lives can be saved. Push. Demand. Push. Demand. Push. Push. Push.

Mr. Paul Fletcher Murray
Film Producer
Bandon, OR, US

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  1. There can be no harm in trying ivermectin, so why not approve and why not help those that don’t want or trust the vaccine!

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