Ivermectin story submission: Mr. Stéphane Kovacs

My name is Stéphane Kovacs. I live in France, in Brittany. I weigh 113 kilograms (249 pounds). This information is directly related to the story I am going to tell you. For the past year, I had suffered from a very unpleasant severe itching, especially on the scalp. At first I thought the cause of the itching was the material my pillow was made of, latex. Today, research points to a food allergy, but three months ago, when I described these symptoms to my doctor, he diagnosed scabies. How awful! To understand the rest, it is necessary to know that in France, scabies is treated only with ivermectin and that the prescription of its dosage is proportional to the weight of each patient. Because of my weight, I had to swallow two boxes of ivermectin tablets at once. Two days later, appointment with the dermatologist: I don’t have scabies but eczema. Bottom line: I swallowed two cans of ivermectin in one take, it didn’t worry anyone, neither my doctor, nor my dermatologist, and I experienced absolutely no side effects. Why go without such a harmless drug?

Stéphane Kovacs
Mr. Stéphane Kovacs
Retired Coach
Beaussais-sur-Mer, Bretagne, FR

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