Ivermectin story submission: Mr Terence Kilshaw ISP, ITCP

I am 70 years old and live in British Columbia, Canada. In mid-June 2021 I got very sick. I did not at the time think it was COVID-19 though I did have some of the symptoms. For the first three days it was very painful with a lot of pain in the muscles of my neck and in other parts of my body I had damaged in the past. I had diarrhea, exhaustion and a thickness in my upper respiratory system. The severe pain subsided but I was left with no appetite – everything tasted really bad – with the diarrhea, and ongoing exhaustion. Just getting out of bed to have a shower exhausted me for the whole morning.

After more than a week of this – which also coincided with the massive heat dome over Western Canada, with temperatures of 44 C for many days at a time – I went for a Covid test and got a positive result back within 24 hours. I did not get the “vaccine”. I do not want the “vaccine”. I am suspicious of the long-term effects of mRNA and DNA pseudo-vaccines that highjack your own cells for spike protein replication. I wonder how your own body is to know that the cells producing the spike proteins are not part of the problem? This seems to me like a potential source of complications, as does the replication of the spike proteins from mRNA/DNA that goes into the lymphatic system and ends up in the vascular system, especially the finest parts of the capillary network. When the capillary epithelial cells make spikes and extrude them and there is evidence that this can lead to micro-blood clots.

I knew about Ivermectin and asked my doctor if he would prescribe some for me. He did, though he wanted me to keep it quiet; though exactly what that means was and is unclear to me.=. He knew about and had the FLCCC I-MASS protocol document, so he wrote me a prescription for 5 days of Ivermectin at 24mg per day.

Then the most interesting and difficult part of this whole painful process began. Normally, you go to your pharmacist with a prescription and they either give it to you or they get it in, quickly if necessary.

Between my usual pharmacist and myself we contacted 5 different pharmacies here in Kelowna, B.C. None had any in stock. Not because it was sold out but because they thought of it only in terms of its anti-parasitic use, for which we have little need here. He contacted his distributor and was told that the manufacturer had no plans release any more Ivermectin until January 2022!. I note, in passing, that its manufacturer is MERK, who are making much more money from their “vaccine” to bother with a cheap drug that could save lives. I also recently came to understand that if there was a viable treatment option that was approved by the WHO etc, then that would potentially invalidate the emergency use approvals of those new “vaccines”. So that appears to be one big reason for the suppression of Ivermectin on that level.

After a day I heard back, from one of the pharmacists I had contacted, that a different branch of his pharmacy had small amount of Ivermectin.

24 hours after starting the Ivermectin I was feeling some relief. My appetite started to return and the exhaustion began to lift. After five days of it I was on the mend. My last Ivermectin was taken at the start of this week and my health continues to improve, though a little slower than it did when I was still taking the Ivermectin.

I have not doubt that without the Ivermectin I would have ended up in hospital and I may have died. And that to me is a very big deal indeed.

One more note: 5 days of Ivermectin at 24 mg per day is a total of 120mg of Ivermectin. Its cost to me was CA $355.43. When I used to buy Ivermectin for my daughter’s horse it would come in a small syringe for oral application with 120mg per syringe. I checked with the local horse feed store and they sell it for horses for CA $ 18.95!

I hope that this is of some use to people suffering out there with a disease that is clearly preventable and treatable with this drug that has been used for 40 years or more and that has a stellar safety record in humans.

all the best,

Terry Kilshaw

Mr Terence Kilshaw ISP, ITCP
System Architect - Software Engineering
Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada

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