Ivermectin story submission: Mrs. Ana Day

My eldest brother (49), who has high blood pressure, took Ivermectin preventatively and on the day his partner developed covid symptoms. She tested positive for covid-19 and he didn’t have any symptoms. They live together. #Brazil

My niece (27) took Ivermectin a couple of months before she tested positive for covid-19. She had cold like symptoms. #Brazil

My uncle (66) took Ivermectin preventatively a couple of months before he tested positive for covid-19. He didn’t require hospitalization for covid-19, but he needed to undergo a surgery for his back in a city with high incidence of covid-19. He was discharged one day after his surgery and has been fine since. #Brazil

A cousin (50s) who lives in a city with many cases of covid-19 could not work remotely due to the nature of his job. He took Ivermectin preventatively. If he got covid-19 he never had any symptoms. He’s now taken his covid-19 vaccines. #Brazil

Mrs. Ana Day
Lawyer (BRA) Interpreter (IRL)
Galway, Galway, IE

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