Ivermectin story submission: Mrs Catherine Durin

I became ill with flu symptoms in November 2021 and tested positive for Covid. I had been quite dismissive of Covid before getting it – I must admit – but I was quite ill for the first week, suffering from very strong headaches. Then my partner got it and he developped a bad cough. We were taking Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Zinc etc… but it is when we started taking Ivermectin that we noticed a rapid improvement and recovery. We had both heard of Ivermectin (from watching an interview of Tess Lawrie). Thankfully, our doctor was happy to prescribe it to us. No side effects whatsoever! It is heartbreaking to think of all the people who have died needlessly because this simple effective medication was kept from them…

Mrs Catherine Durin
, Brabant, BE

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