Ivermectin story submission: Mrs Eral Vaughan

Now it is one year that I and my husband have taken 12 mg once a week plus Vitamin D 5000IU and Zinc 50mg
Had a low impact 3 day dose of covid when we took 2-3 tablets per day. No dramas. Minimal illness. Just achy and shivery for 2-3 days then tired for a few more. Have had worse flu. We are both on the wrong side of 80.

Mrs Eral Vaughan
Sydney, NSW, AU

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  1. Well done on obtaining ivermectin in this country, Eral. They have really clamped down and are seizing it at the border now. This ban needs to be overturned, but the “dangerous horse pill” rubbish in the media, and the strangle-hold of AHPRA and TGA on our doctors are like living in a totalitarian regime.

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