Ivermectin story submission: Mrs Gillian Lenane M.Sc.

Hello, I’m a 71 year old woman who decided not to get the Covid vaccine. I’m not against vaccination but couldn’t find enough information that convinced me of both it’s safety & efficacy.
I got Covid in February 2022 from my grandson. I had already managed to purchase Ivermectin via my network of complementary therapists. I looked up guidance on the Bird website and decided to administer myself. I took 2 tablets for 5 days. I had symptoms of severe headache, aches & pains but never had a cough or respiratory problems. I recovered in 2 weeks and took another 2 weeks to feel completely OK. My husband got Covid at the same time worse than me. He experienced a bad cough and respiratory problems He had been vaccinated. He didn’t take Ivermectin.
I can’t prove it but I feel that Ivermectin may have reduced my symptoms and aided my recovery.
With kind regards
Gillian Lenane

Mrs Gillian Lenane M.Sc.
Meditation Teacher
Epsom, Surrey, GB

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