Ivermectin story submission: Mrs. Jessica Sandra Ackermann Doula

I am a birth and Bereavement Doula in South Africa. I have been supplying ivermectin liquid to my community and those in other parts of the country that were unable to find. The results were astounding in both thr prophylactic use as well as treatment in positive cases. I have seen more than 100 people applauding ivermectin through their own journeys of healing and overcoming covid. I have found those using ivermectin not as prophylaxis had more difficulties once tested positive and became more ill, early treatment, fast and hard with ivermectin is absolutely astonishing in killing covid right of the bat. Literally. I am a very loud advocate for Ivermectin and cannot vouch it enough. I have even also started treating my two English bulldogs and cats…just a few drops in the back of the neck. Sinus issues? Rub a drop or two in each nostril, no sinus!!!

Mrs. Jessica Sandra Ackermann Doula
Birth and Death Doula
Alberton, Gauteng, South Africa

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