Ivermectin story submission: Mrs Joni O’Brien

I declined the vaccine but paid attention to alternatives such as Dr. Zelenko, FLCCC and other DRs that suggested natural supplements. I took all the supplements in Dr Zelenko’s formula but separately. In June 2022 I didn’t feel well, had a cough, fatigue, body aches and a headache. I attributed it to excessive yardwork and possible allergies from high pollen. I don’t have allergies and NEVER get headaches so I questioned and decided to take IVM ‘just in case’. I had Ivermectin pills on hand from a doctor on the FLCCC list. I took one dose in line with my weight. I felt completely better the following day. No body aches, no headache, no fatigue. So I went about my day. Due to a slight cough and urging from a very fearful vaccinated husband I took a COVID test. It came up positive. I was somewhat surprised as I felt so much better, only symptom was a lingering cough. So I continued with the dose for 10 days. And isolated for 10 days. I am SO grateful to FLCCC, DR Zelenko and all the people who followed and spoke the truth. They restored my faith in humanity and inspire me to live in the truth.

Mrs Joni O'Brien
Semi Retired Addictions Therapist
East Wakefield NH 03830, NH, US

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