Ivermectin story submission: Mrs Josephine L Robbins

I just would like to first thank Frontline American doctors.. if it wasn’t for them I would’ve died.. I Ivermectin not just help save me from Covid, but it probably helped remove the brain lesions of my brain ! I have two brain lesions and heavy Metals in my brain ..I don’t get half as many migraines no more because of it..
And as I will be getting more ivermectin because it cures a lot more than just that !! So the doctors-in America arekeeping this from us and our own government too, its called genocide! I went to the emergency room just to get an intervenous for the Covid19 and one hospital wouldn’t treat me why? , because I took ivermectin that’s called brainwashed! Evil..!! I can’t believe that this even happened in America meanwhile in Mexico , and an India they were handing it out.. it goes to show you that communism is in America!! All I have to say is ivermectin is a miracle and I think God for every day!! Amen .. Free ivermectin to the people..

Mrs Josephine L Robbins
Palm Coast, FL, US

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