Ivermectin story submission: Mrs. Joyzelle Curtis

After my husband did not recover as expected from an outpatient nasal surgery the doctor suggested he get a covid test. After it came back positive, I then later took the test as well and it was discovered I had it too. My mother who is 93 years old and in poor health, lives with us. Once we realized we had it, we obtained some Ivermectin from Mexico (we live in Arizona) and started all 3 of us on the Ivermectin protical. It was amazing, not only did my husband recover, I never had any symptoms and the best part was my mom never got sick! She is 93– I am her sole caretaker assiting her all during the day, making all her meals (maskless and gloveless), helping her to bed, and with her medication. She has a pacemaker and chronic cough and yet her tests (and we took them 3 times) came back negative every time. She is the prime target of this awful disease, yet is fine. Ivermectin is a miracle in a pill, I am convinced it is by following the Ivermectin protcol that my husband and I not only recovered but the reason my mom will be with us a few more years!

Mrs. Joyzelle Curtis
Accounting & HR Manager
Mesa, AZ, United States

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