Ivermectin story submission: Mrs. Kath Court M.S.

I know 15 close friends who have used IVM successfully for Covid. One with long term, 4 for prevention, 2 whose physicians prescribed it and others who found it on their own. At least 4 of these had very serious symptoms that were getting worse by the hour over 2 to 4 days. They all said they felt significantly better in a few hours after the first dose, and most were well after the second or third dose in 5 to 7 days. I have also known of several people who feel this drug cured their cancer when doctors had nothing to offer. What a crying shame this drug is being suppressed, attacked without any scientific evidence, and ignore by most medical doctors Two covid ladies were dying on ventilators in New York and their families took the hospitals to court to force them to try IVM. Both ladies survived even though families had been told their chances of getting off ventilators were less than 25%. Always follow the money for answers. Our regulators get inflated pay from Big Pharma when they leave government service, and the USA allowed doctors to gain patents on Covid related items even though working for the government. Many of those who are supposed to protect us are getting richer as the Pandemic worsens….look it up on duckduckgo dot com, which is not censored like a certain site that most use……

Mrs. Kath Court M.S.
Retired educator
Menlo, GA, US

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