Ivermectin story submission: Mrs. Monique Van der Walt

We are a family of 4 renting a townhouse on a rural farm where 9 other people also rent in Pretoria South Africa, level 4 lockdown and no contact with people except going to buy food once a week. Neighbors first got infected since she is a kindergarden teacher for 2nd time and were very ill. I have come across ivermectin 1% for animals that people were using for covid. They don’t have medical & dr doesn’t prescribe ivermectin. We gave them ivm 1% as per flccc protocol with vitamins, which they chose to DRINK & not rub on with serious obesity, haert disease, smoking etc. She couldn’t lift herself from bed with terrible headache, he was more mobile. They are between 55-65 yrs old. Within 24 hrs they were mobile with headache and drowsiness relieve. Within 48 hrs they were basically recovered except for the severe sinus like flu. In 5 days they were their old selves woth little sinus. Once they were diagnose, our family immediately rubbed the preventative 3 day ivm 1% treatment as per flccc protocol. However, my husband had unknowingly contracted the covid 8 days prior to our neighbors from the landlord. We thought he had very bad flu since it was terrible sinus & headache & tiredness. Note, me & 2 kids healty, no simptoms. He went to the dr who said it’s bad flu but to do covid test. We both tested positive. Dr prescribed 12mg 5 day ivm pills with other blood thinners & antihistamines & vitamins et for me & husband. My husband has high blood pressure & obese. We are 41. By this time the boys started having runny noses. Dr said they probably also have it. We immediately rubbed them with ivm as per the flccc protocol & boosted them (11 & 14) with the required vitamins. Within 2 days my husband was a different person. I still had no simptoms 2 days after testing positive and taking the meds & then suddenly got the sinus simptom but not ad bad as my husband. We had slight body aches, mild headaches now and then, managable diarhee (antibiotics). Within 5 days, all 4 of us were basically recovered.
The landlord (63) during this time also tested positive and discovered he had pneumonia along with covid. We gave them ivm 1% which they (his wife +- 55 also positive with other morbidities high blood pressure, type of skin allergy /enzema etc) drank and rubbed along with other dr meds prescribed like dulin/pulmicort steaming for lungs. They also recovered fully within a week. Everyone only strugles with the sinus simptome afterwards. My father (63 obese & high blood pressure), mother (62 cancer survivor, low blood pressure), sister (40 on cronic meds for calcification of her small brain-builds up to alzeimers), her 3 kids (16,8 & 6) all did the 5 day preventative ivm 1% rub on treatment per flccc protocol & vitamins since they were in contact with a positive covid person. My sister tested twice & both were negative. Ivm is God sent.

Mrs. Monique Van der Walt
Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa

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