Ivermectin story submission: Mrs. Proff Bright PhD

I am in Lusaka Zambia. I have fist got sick in June 2020. I am old diabetic hypertensive, a bit fat and smoke 3 packets of cigarettes every day. I treated myself with ivermectin and recovered with flying colors. I started a WhatsApp group for my extended family to make them aware of the benefits of ivermectin. Soon the group was full and I had to open 5 more groups. When they got full I opened a telegram group with 4000+ members at the moment. At the same time I started serious research and Forwarding it to all the doctors I know. Some started using it but not openly since our ministry of health is against it. MOH has been raiding pharmacies confiscating all the ivermectin and closing the pharmacies. I am sure they caused lots of people to die without offering any early treatment solutions. Our protocol has evolved and 3500 patients later on early treatment with 0 dead plus many on prevention. Our protocol has spread all around the country and many neighbouring countries too. For me it’s a blessing that I have managed to save some lives.

Mrs. Proff Bright PhD
Lusaka, Lusaka Central, Zambia

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