Ivermectin story submission: Mrs. Stephanie Campbell

I am submitting my testimonial regarding the use of Ivermectin plus FLCCC protocol for the prevention of Covid 19.
Returning to Maine after a trip to Mexico, my husband became very sick with an undiagnosed illness. At 80, he had suffered a kind of pneumonia which left him barely able to walk or breathe. Then the pandemic arrived. We made an immediate decision that he would not take the shot, we would look for an alternative. During our search of the web we found the FLCCC site and a list of brave pharmacies and doctors who would help us with a prescription for Ivermectin. We each got prescribed using the telemedicine portal with medical doctor and were given dosage according to our weight. We have taken Ivermectin every 2 weeks since and zinc, vit D, melatonin, quercetin, vit c daily, for the last 12 months with excercise and healthier diet. My husband’s health is improving remarkably. We had mild virus infection 12 months ago before taking Ivermectin and protocol.

My husband and I are very grateful to the Noble prize winning scientists whose carefully applied scientific method was used in the discovery of the molecule leading to Ivermectin and the doctors and health professionals with the intelligence and courage to provide Ivermectin to all sentient beings.

Mrs. Stephanie Campbell
retired paralegal
Bowdoinham, Maine, US

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