Ivermectin story submission: Mrs. Zulma Granados

On January 2021 I heard of FLCCC Front Line Covid-19 I MASK PROTOCOL, since that time I started taking once a month Ivermectin , 1st and 3rd day, I have being 4 times extremely near of people positive of covid-19, (one of this persons had the vaccine completed + 2 weeks immunity ) and I never be contagious. The doctors told me they don’t understand how I am not contagious , I’m safe without any symptoms, with negative results on my PCR RT in each 4 cases. I also have the interview, tv program 30 minutes of Doctor Pierre Kory. Some people tell me that Ivermectin is dangerous but I tell them it can not be more dangerous that all the caps that some people take daily, like hypertension medicine, diabetes. cancer .etc. I PRAISE GOD for giving this medicine to the world and wisdom to the doctor. PRAISE THE NAME OF THE LORD AND YOU WILL BE SAFE , HE ALWAYS HAS THE SOLUTION! Baruj atá Adonai, elojeinu melej haolam Baruj Hashem Adonai

Mrs. Zulma Granados
San Salvador, San Salvador, El Salvador

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