Ivermectin story submission: Ms. Alice Lee

I lost a dear sister to CV19 on 14th July, 2021 in just a week of hospitalization, despite she was vaccinated prior. She had comorbidities. I could clearly see that even with vaccination, we can still catch the virus n may well suffer like my sister did. My question is when someone with vaccination done, still catch the virus n suffers like my sister n others did, what do the hospitals have or will have to cure them? None at this moment of time, I believe.

I am not anti-vaccine (I had my 1st dose of AZ n will be happy to receive my 2nd dose in Aug) but I am with an opened-mind to know n understand better of more possible preventive and/or cure methods. I have been listening/watching reknowned doctors and/or researchers giving live testimonials and explanations on the success of their treatments for hundreds/thousands of their CV19 patients. Am wondering why are so many against them when there isn’t anything better?

Note: I have started taking IVM as an additional protection since I have to return to work in the office.

Ms. Alice Lee
Head of Secretaries
Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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