Ivermectin story submission: Ms. Barbara Tobler

Hello, my name is Barbara Tobler and I am the lead singer of the band Crimson Coil.  I wrote a powerful, heavy hitting song called “Ask Yourself Why?” with my band member, Michael Williams, after returning from a 5 week ordeal with my parents.  I had seen Dr. Pierre Kory’s testimony in front of the United States Senate in early December and shortly after that, Covid-19 hit our family. I started to research ivermectin and the data surrounding the drug, it’s safety, and it’s usage in treating Covid 19. Our family decided we wanted to treat my parents with the iMask+ protocol put together by the doctors of the FLCCC. I treated my mother at home with ivermectin and the supplementation in this protocol.  Even though she had blood clots in her legs at the time, she had a relatively easy time with the virus.  My father had to go into the hospital right away and I worked diligently to try to get the hospital to use this medication! They refused, even after I supplied them with all of the supporting data and the personal phone number of one of the elite physicians leading the charge behind the protocol. I even begged to sign a waiver.  Nothing.  It was a gut-wrenching time.  On day 12 of my father’s hospital stay, I managed to get a full dosage of ivermectin into him. At this point he was needing over 40-60 liters of high flow oxygen and could possibly be put on a respirator.  Overnight, after receiving the ivermectin, he went down to needing only 10 liters of supplemental oxygen. I then gave him another dosage and he went down to just needing 2 liters of oxygen. Ultimately, I was able to get my father out of the hospital.

I have watched, with great pain and anger, the tireless efforts of the doctors of the FLCCC and Dr. Tess Lawrie, as they work to get this live saving information to the public, only to be repeatedly censored and discredited.  It is my hope that by launching this song and video, and my story (follow my Blog at www.barbaratobler.com), on World Ivermectin Day, that more attention will be brought to this life saving drug!  I will be releasing the video and the song on July 24th at 9 am PST and dedicating it to all the doctors and researchers responsible for saving lives with this amazing Nobel Prize Winning drug!

Ms. Barbara Tobler
San Diego, CA, US

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