Ivermectin story submission: Ms. Edna Buttram

I had been given a positive diagnoses of ANCA micoroscopic polyangitis severe through blood tests and 2 biopsy in 2016 and put on high doses of prednisone to put this disease into remission to no avail, I went from a very active women to a wheel chair in a matter of a few weeks and had to start Rituximab infusions which is on going every 6 months along with daily Prednisone sense 2016 and because these drugs deplete my B-cells and along comes Covid-19 and vaccines that may not even protect me. I researched Ivermectin after hearing the press conference with the FLCCCs doctors back in 2020 and Dr. Kory testifying in Dec 2020 to the Senate on C-Span. Looked up the FLCCC and presented to my Rheumatologist their protocol on the prevention of covid-19 using Ivermectin he would not prescribe because of NIHs stance. Bless the doctor I found and contacted and was prescribed Ivermectin in April 2021. I had taken a trip in April out of state stayed in a hotel for 5 days, stayed with unvaccinated friends overnight going and returning , spent time with unvaccinated children, been to doctors appointments etc. My last visit to my Rheumatologist I told him I was on Ivermectin he asked how I was feeling “Great ” was my reply ( the truth ) he said to me that is the first time I have heard that word out of you in 5 years. On my way out I handed him a piece of paper with FLCCC web site on it and he said he would research it more. I honestly believe Ivermectin not only is saving my life, but also my sanity, as well, may even be helping with the inflammation of this disease throughout my body.

Ms. Edna Buttram
retired because of disease
Donnelly, Idaho, US

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  1. Thanks for sharing your story, Edna. I wish you even greater improvement in your health and I will pray for your continued healing. All the very best, Jay

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