Ivermectin story submission: Ms Natasha WITEKAUHA

I am a remedial therapist who has been working for Physio’s on serious injury recovery for over 12 years. Long Haul Covid is particularly interesting me, as are the contraindications that come with the disease. I have been following the science, and the censorship, since day 1. I am frustrated beyond belief at the intensity of censorship & smear campaigns that surround Ivernmectin. For a long time I could not understand why such intensity! And then one day I heard Doctor Kory’s dream…

“Imagine if Ivernmectin was a household product that people can use to prevent disease!”

It was then, that I realized then, why. It would empower people to make their own choices and take responsibility for their own health. It seems that Governments and Corporations do not want independent people.

In Australia, we have had very small waves of covid and have managed to keep the virus numbers low. However, numbers are starting to climb, it is heartbreaking to see that people are ending up in hospital and dying. What infuriates me, is that the protocol, if you test positive, is to self isolate and only call the doctor IF symptoms get bad! You would think recommending calling a Doctor to reduce risk of increasing symptoms would be the first point of call! Sadly, it is not. This is insanity.

I believe in the FLCCC. Thank you Trial Site News, Thank You Bird. Thank you all for giving me hope.

Remedial Therapist : Serious Injury Recovery
Bentleigh East, VIC, AU

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  1. Hello Natasha,

    By being forced to rely on vaccines alone the COVID-19 LOCK DOWNS WILL GO ON FOREVER,WITH DEVASTATING RESULTS.

    And the situation of living in a totalitarian State is upon us with the Australian National Cabinet mandating that all Aged Care workers will have to be vaccinated by early September or lose their jobs. Likewise an editorial in the Herald-Sun (14/7) raised the specter of the Government mandating that unvaccinated people be banned from traveling, heavily fined and whatever else comes to their minds.
    The only way it is going to be ended is with the use of early (as soon as symptoms appear) out of Hospital treatment with Professor Borody’s Ivermectin Triple Treatment, (Ivermectin + doxycycline + zinc), (ITT) Which Professor Borody believes will kill the virus. International in vivo trial results support Dr Borody’s proposition.
    I have a Citizengo petition to the Prime Minister, Federal Health Minister and Chief Health Officer asking them to review in vivo results of using Ivermectin Worldwide and to make the treatment available for use (under Doctors supervision) for anyone who wants to use (ITT) as an out of hospital treatment for the COVID-19 Virus. I believe we have a democratic right to choose to use a TDA approved drug treatment (under Doctors supervision) to treat COVID-19.
    The petition can be found here https://citizengo.org/en/203636-every-available-treatment-must-be-used-war-against-covid-19-virus?tcid=89024902
    Please circulate it to all your friends and contacts and ask them to do the same.

  2. Hi Natasha and John, as a fellow oppressed citizen of Australia I am most dismayed by the lack of courage of so many of our politicians I used to trust, and the betrayal by our ABC, which used to actually do investigative journalism. I looked for your petition, John, but I guess it has been a year now and it was gone. I guess it didn’t make a dent? We have to continue speaking out because so many have been sucked in by the Nudgers/Media that they simply believe there is no treatment. The wave of deaths is higher than ever (although who can believe any data they put out these days!) and still ivermectin and hydroxy remain banned and doctors are still being persecuted for speaking out. Citizens of the world, watch Australia because that’s what they want to do worldwide.

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