Ivermectin story submission: Ms Pamela Van Horn

I am 73 years old. To my knowledge I have never had a case of COVID-19. I maintain a healthy weight. I exercise regularly. I am not on meds other than thyroid and supplements. My vitamin-D level is 70 at last testing 6 months ago. I take zinc and quercetin if I plan to in a group setting for a while.

I started taking ivermectin 12 mg (per my weight) about 7 months ago. I have no idea if I have been exposed and the ivermectin and my awareness of my ‘terrain’ have kept me safe or if I have never been exposed.

I am coming under more and more pressure to get the vaccines. It is getting difficult to explain.

Ms Pamela Van Horn
Englewood, FL, US

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  1. I am looking for a Dr. in California that will prescribe Ivermectin, so far i have had no luck. Can you help.?
    David Thompson

  2. To be honest I couldn’t find one here in FL either and I started looking back in January. I had to order from outside the country in March. Try going to Covid19criticalcare.com. They have a list of doctors. Problem now is, I hear, that some pharmacies are refusing the prescriptions.

  3. My strong healthy husband of 52 yrs died at the age of 74 from covid in the hospital, on a vent. No drs here would give him ivermectin or hydroxycloroquin . They waited days to treat him with anything. Over a week, then it was too late. He died June 23, 21. We thought the worst was over by then. We were not vaccinated because we believed if we got covid these meds would be available to us. Our government killed my veteran.

  4. We were able to go through the Medici app to find a prescribing Dr. for our state (WA). The app asks your state and suggests Drs. who can prescribe in yours. (Also Text2MD and myfreedoctor.com) Unfortunately the chain pharmacies in our area have started refusing to dispense but our online Dr. Antonatos recommended CareFirst Specialty Pharmacy to order online. The nice thing is they individually compound the IVM so it’s one capsule rather than 5 tabs for my weight. It takes a while to ship so must get ahead of time.
    Ps. We first found Dr. A when our 64 y/o brother was a few days into C19 and going downhill. Thankfully pharmacy in next town would fill Rx – after 2nd dose he was a new man. After full 5 days (and vit D3, C, etc) only a bit weak but all else ok. Take care – hope this helps!

  5. Many months ago following posts of fellow members of Chris Martenson’s Peak Prosperity (an outstanding resource since January 2020), I located a pharmacy in India and ordered quite a number of Ivermectin tablets and a few hydoxychloriquin to replace the quercetin to supplement my zinc, should I develop symptoms. I have multiple copies of the updated FLCCC protocols printed in my home and have sent copies to my family. At the first sign of any symptoms, I believe I am as ready as I can be. And if for some reason I am sent to hospital, my friends and family should know by now (yes I am a Harpy) precisely what treatments or lack thereof the hospital and care ‘professionals’ are using and intercede, if necessary. I was considering ordering more but recently learned that the gentleman in India is having difficulty receiving overseas payments.

  6. Many think we’re actually onto SARS-3 or SARS-4. A SARS-2 vaccine doesn’t have enough benefit to overcome the risks, especially with Ivermectin, and all the other treatments. So many of them are still available to consumers (mouthwashes, nasal rinses, and many other anti-virals). It’s a cold! It’s a bad cold (if you’re old enough to have ACE-2 receptors, not so bad for children), but it’s still a cold virus, and many of the proven remedies that work for colds in the past, work for this one. It’s an arms race between your immune system and the virus, and a little bit of support and early treatment has been the key.
    The current vaccines don’t work to prevent spread of the present variants, so you’d better have a plan to treat! Don’t be pressured!

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