Ivermectin story submission: Ms Renata D

I am 48..healthy…came acroos IVM through dr. Kory writings..TEST 1:.took 0.2mg/kg..3 days..just to get rid of potential parasites I maybe have .No side effects. TEST2: april 2021..got lung infection..burning inside..caughing..full of liquid..hard breathing…took same dose for 3 days…2nd day breathing was 80% back..liquid coming out..caughing stopped…TEST3: June 2021 got bacterial infection of tensil+ear pain along..didnt take ibuprofen..straight to Ivermectin 0.2mg/kg..3days ..pain gone after 24hrs..after 3 days all gone..usually i would go to doctor and get antibiotics for 10 days and would still have pain at least 5 days….TEST4: started 4 days ago on my father 82y..enlarged prostate 4cm. ( not prooved maligne yet but markers are there)..0.4mg/kg per day for 10 days..he will take blood and urine test for prostate end of 10 day cycle..I expect changes in report…if not , will double the dose for another 10 days..side effect headache modest…so far testing on myself..THIS IS MIRACLE DRUG..what a wide usage…hope to see improval on my dads orostate too..will keep u updated.

Ms Renata D
Self employed
Ljubljana, N/a, SI

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